Are you protecting your digital repute? Web scraping can protect you from the imminent disaster.

  • 04/08/2017

In a recent study published by Moz, it was observed that over 67% of online shoppers pay little to absolute premium on reviews while taking buying decisions. This number is too big for any business – big or small to ignore.

While the world is becoming smaller with the recent offtake in internet as a medium, protecting your digital repute has become crucial than ever. While restaurant & movie reviews have blatantly established a cause-effect relationship between online repu.........

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Web-scraping use-scenario: How to scrape the marketplace to extract maximum juice

  • 17/07/2017

With the online marketplace theme really picking up and aggregators like Amazon & Flipkart fighting tooth & nail for the largest market share, quite often, the sellers are lost in the chaos. With more sellers getting on-board as e-tailers with online marketplaces like amazon, selling online has become all the more competitive & challenging. Gone are the days of caveat-emptor where the buyer had to be aware, it is now caveat-venditor where seller-beware is the new mantra.

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Why does a data-first approach and web scraping make all the sense in today’s marketplace?

  • 26/06/2017

For a long time, since the beginning of the 21st century, innovation has been an essential factor to business success all around the globe. While the innovations space is being explored massively, the ones adopting a data-driven innovation strategy manage to stay ahead of the curve. Innovation, no longer, is confined to the white boxes and the product it contains. Innovation in outreach, positioning and strategy is gaining importance as a concept within success spheres.

Getting to t.........

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Chess, web scraping & market intelligence: The recipe to an explosive ROI

  • 12/06/2017

How to boost your ROI by leveraging knowledge from a game of chess and web extraction as a function?

While life as an entrepreneur is no less than a game of chess, the only way to stay ahead of the curve is by getting right into the heads in the curve. The success of an enterprise may not be an absolute number game but more about being relatively ahead in the game. After all, nobody is a winner unless he beats the others in a race.

While the game of chess .........

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Best and Affordable Web Crawling Services

  • 09/06/2017

Best and Affordable Web Crawling Services

The present scenario of technology is constantly evolving and thus, every business and individuals are looking forward to the advanced solutions to extract information from the ocean of web. And if you are among those in need, then you have landed at a right place. At BotScraper, we consist a team of skilled and well-trained professionals who can crawl your competitor’s website to know their pricing and marketing strat.........

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