Problems when doing web Scraping

  • 22/06/2021

The more interesting the data provided by a website, the more zealously they will protect it and try to avoid web scraping techniques.

Browsing session. We will need to enter through an initial page to establish a browsing session (session cookie) and thus validate access to the data.

Use of Javascript: Both the presentation of the data and the access to the following pages of the same can be generated by means of JavaScript and Ajax techniques. In these cases, we will need a tool that incorporates a Javascript engine; they are headless browser solutions and web browser add-ons.

Blocks: Access to a website that does not correspond to human actions, such as the number of pages requested per minute, not requesting all the elements of the html page, unidentified browser, suspicious « User-Agent » identifier, etc., can cause IP blocking and / or request for a CAPTCHA. For these cases, in addition to "hiding" the presence of our "bot" from the web server, we will have to use a pool of proxies, which allows us to use different IPs in each request, and a CAPTCHA resolution service (captcha solver service), such as DeCaptcher, DeathByCaptcha, or Anti-Captcha.

When we encounter any of these handicaps, the owner of the information or the website may be giving us to understand that they do not want us to extract it. It would be advisable to look carefully at the “legal terms of the web " and take into consideration the legal aspects for the use of the data obtained through web scraping services.

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