Real time web scraping API: Unleashing the true power of web scraping. Are you ready?

  • 20/08/2017

The larger set of enterprises can be divided into two – one, the ones sensitive to changes in the marketplace and two, ultra-sensitive to changes in the marketplace. While there are enterprises which can sustain and grow without really being finicky about small changes, an enterprise like an e-commerce retailer is ultra-sensitive to price changes by competitors in its space.

If your enterprise is among the ultra-sensitive, you would always need a certain set of information handy. This could be about the dynamic pricing strategy that peers are using or about the inventory they are having available for sale. For cases where a certain uniform information is required in a certain format, having scheduled scrapings and manual scraping processes wouldn’t help much.

Another prime use case would be for those seeking information in the capital markets space. It makes no sense to wait for a scraping process to deliver feeds as per schedule, neither does it make sense to do the scraping manually when you are looking for the price of a particular scrip.

So, now that the use case is well established, the obvious question is – “So, how do we go about this?”

‘Real time Web scraping API ’ is the answer to your concern.

An API is a custom tool that allows you superior control over the nature and frequency of data that you need handy. This service is analogous to a fast food drive-thru. Just as you punch an order on the screen at the entrance and your order is ready by the time you reach the exit, you can trigger a scraping through the API and soon the output would be the data-set you were looking for.

Once you have the data scraped, it is integrated seamlessly into your machines, hence making it ready for consumption. The API is the interface that will let the application interact with other databases to fetch, convert and store all the relevant data points that you may need. The API allows you to manage the web scraped data, control it and integrate it on your machines.

It is just like having your very own Zomato for data. Just enter the data you are looking for and BAM! Your data is ready!

Having a web scraping API has quite a few advantages like:

  1. Getting relevant data in a handy and timely manner.
  2. Fresh data each time. Unlike scheduled feeds, the API ensures that you receive the latest data.
  3. Having an API interface ensures easy scalability and better security.
  4. Minimal maintenance. Once made, there’s not really much maintenance needed.
  5. This is an important one; read on for the 5th benefit that really makes a web scraping API interesting…

How to automate and build a powerful and reliable API?

Botscraper helps in building a world-class, secure & scalable API which is flexible enough to keep growing and expanding with your business. With a dedicated & well skilled team of developers, our aim at Botscraper is not just to provide you with excellent service but also to help build take your company to the next level.

Point number 5 is that with Botscraper’s real time web scraping API, you get to experience service at its best through world-class technology coupled with maximum up-time.

Many global users are vouching for Botscraper’s superior tech web scraping APIs. It’s time you give it a shot and take your business to the next level.

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