Top 10 Best Proxy Providers For Web Scraping

  • 10/03/2023

Top 10 Best Proxy Providers For Web Scraping

Web scraping has become an essential tool for businesses and researchers to extract valuable data from the internet. However, web scraping requires the use of proxies to bypass restrictions and avoid getting blocked by websites. Proxy providers offer a wide range of services with different features and pricing plans.

Choosing the best proxy provider can be daunting, especially for those new to web scraping. In this blog post, we'll look at the top 10 best proxy providers for web scraping, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision and streamline your web scraping process.

1. BotScraper

BotScraper is a powerful and innovative web scraping tool USA that enables users to quickly and easily collect data from any website. It uses advanced algorithms to crawl, extract and transform the data into usable information, making it highly efficient and reliable.

The platform can be used for a vast range of data-related tasks such as market research, business intelligence, price comparison sites, and more. It also provides numerous features, including multilingual support, anonymous proxies, multi-threaded data extraction, and IP rotation. BotScraper is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to increase their productivity and accuracy when collecting data from the web.

2. BrightData

BrightData has a large following of free proxy scrapers, as it has tens of millions of IPs operating across the globe. Formerly famous as Luminati, this is one of those proxies offering residential and mobile proxies that assure to be a few of the most premium and reliable proxies in the market. One of the most problematic situations here is the cost of BrightData; it is slightly costly, and a free proxy scraper is an event that may not be possible here.

3. NetNut

If there are proxies that can connect you to three-digit gigabytes each second. In your proxy scraper, it's NetNut. It has a hybrid proxy connection that amalgamates international ISPs. Such a feature allows you to access data on various locations to achieve intel from any geography. NetNut proxy scraper premium has multiple offers, and it initiates with 5+ plans that narrow down to around a hundred US dollars, providing a hundred GB of global proxies. Some of its advantages are 4G, whereas it falls back in premium and customer support.

4. ScrapingBee

Do you often end up blocked on websites? If yes, ScrapingBee is one of the most valuable options that you will find. ScrapingBee allows a gigantic proxy set surpassing web page limit rates. This feature eliminates the odds of being blocked. This one could be a free proxy scraper as it allows trials for its users before the membership fees. Smart and rotating proxies, nominal block rates, and a competent and responsible support force are a few of its advantages. On the other hand, the cons are listed as the lack of IPs in the plans below average rate of concurrent requests.

5. HomeIP

Looking for web scraping services USA that not only have a large proxy bank but also allow special personalization? The answer is HomeIP. This isn't it; the product also offers residential proxies, which can also be customized for rotation. They have plans that provide extensive parallel requests. One of the biggest pros is the rotation, with unlimited access to requests and a very effective team of supportive members. They fall back with their high cost per month and a lack of proxy scraper free as it does not allow a free trial.

6. Rayobyte

Yet another proxy that allows astute management of a data center with residential and mobile proxies. First-timers who are still exploring the world of proxies scrapers and engaging in web scraping have a lot to gain from Rayobyte. Welcome to the world of great mobility in user experience and a very reasonable set of pricing. This has many pros, like its amazing pricing, limitless bandwidth, and the versatility of proxies. However, even though the costs are effective, they can be a problem in the case of crawling with a bigger chunk. Also, there is a limited set of support that they offer.

7. Zyte

Many products provide residential and data center proxies. But when it comes to specialization towards anyone, especially residential, Zyte comes into the picture. Zyte is one of the most precise proxies with a range of accuracy beyond 99%. Such a facility enables a user to think about ideas like free download rubot 2 v6.1.6 full proxy scraper for better efficiency. Zyte's most important pro is that it can provide such accurate results along with its discounted offers and rotating proxies. Nevertheless, it does fall back to a point where the elite features are only added extra elements.

8. Oxylabs

Another champion of residential proxies is Oxylabs. It originated in the region of Lithuania back in 2015 and has served as one of the best proxies that are used by many web scraping services USA. Oxylabs creates millions of IPs in its extensive pool of resources globally. It has no hindrances over simultaneous activities and has an actively available day and night support system. It is cumbersome, though, and could be a better choice for smaller operations.

9. Shifter

Shifter has quite a flexible use case. It can be easily turned around to and from rotating and static applications that are based on the subjective utilization of the proxies. Shifter has engaged an entirely distributed internet warehouse that allows it to boost its operating speed to nearly 100%. Shifter has a worldwide presence with holistic access to many prominent countries. But it requires a unique purchase of a web scraping API with additional costs. However, there is no API inclusive in the proxies. Additionally, it also offers one location for specific and shared proxies.

10. ZenRows

Last but not least, ZenRows is another great tool that surpasses the definition of a proxy. This is a tool that operates proxies, and API calls also manage to resist bots and finally provide the services of rotating proxies. Low fail rates, web scrapers to scrape web giants, low blocking, and a support team are a few of the pros, whereas no extensions and no proxy manager are a few of the cons.


We hope this article has provided you with all the information that you need about the various proxy providers and their services. Using a proxy scraper server can be extremely beneficial, as it offers anonymity, security, and privacy from online threats while enabling access to restricted or blocked content. We encourage everyone to compare the features of different providers before making a final decision.


If you need more help, you can always consult our experts. Feel free to contact us any time, and we will be more than happy to assist you! We hope it has been helpful in making the right decision when choosing a proxy provider.

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