Understanding How Web Bots Affect Real Estate Listing Websites?

  • 27/05/2020

Web scrapers, like other websites dealing with other domains, scrape real estate websites because these websites are instrumental in enabling you to make money with your listings. The following are the ways in which web scraping leverages real estate listing portals:

1.         Web Scraping from listing portals takes away your business

Real estate listing is assembled painstakingly from a variety of sources and has a cost related to it. While web scraping bots steal the data you have listed, they are essentially stealing the value of your savings in gathering and piling up such data, and this leverages your profits and precincts. When malicious real estate scraper bots takes your data away, this causes your website to lose traffic and enabling your competitor’s one to gain proceeds.

2.         Tarnished SEO of your real estate listing portal

Distinctiveness of real-estate listings matter crucially to a real-estate web business. When real estate scraper bots take your listing from your website by theft, your data remains no longer one of a kind. Contrarily, your competitors will magnetize website’s traffic and leads. This will put your SEO down, as your content is replicated all over the internet. Additionally, the scraping bots a lot of times get accounted in the GA, enhances your bounce rate metrics and hurts your time spent on website metrics. These effects further cut down your platform’s search engine rankings.

3.         Soaring web infrastructure cost

When malicious bots commit deceptive activities on your real estate portal, they characteristically consume between 15%-40% of server capacity and bandwidth. This causes to deliver results in high server cost, additional server needs and an enhanced load on existing server infrastructure. This can readily be fended off by a pragmatic bot detection solution in place.

4.         The effect of form spam and fake listings

Malicious bots can stand-in deceptive registration forms and bring forth fake listings on your real estate portal. A number of fake listings on a few portals have soared high as 80% of every listing on the portals. Spam leads will lead your sales efforts to go in vain by paying attention to leads that can never be reached. This also results in delivering a very negative user experience for authentic buyers, brokers and real-estate agents.

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