Usefulness and effectiveness of a web scraping bot

  • 12/02/2020

Web scraping is a procedure used for pulling the information out of dissimilar websites. They make use of web scraping bot, which simulates a human who surfs the internet to gather information. A human browser will index the url, ask for the web page, copy the data and paste it. Likewise, the programs or scripts are created in such a fashion that the bot builds a connection with the server and asks for the web page, the server subsequently sends an acknowledgement and the pages requested. The scripts subsequently gather the data and hive away them as structured data.

Web scraping is carried out via HTTP protocol or by embedding web browsers. The aim of web scraping bot is to capture unstructured data from the target websites and convert them into structured data which can be stored and maintained in database for any future use. With the growing usage of internet for daily activities like weather monitoring, information gathering, price comparison etc, web scraping has become a great necessity.

Most of the data present in websites are of HTML format which are machine readable. The technique of drawing data out of HTML web pages is known by the name of web screen scraping. Screen scraping utilizes software programs or scripts written to read the data from the terminal port or the screen instead of the database. This lets the extraction of data in human readable format.

Website scraping facilitates the extracting of information from a motley of websites where they are stored reaching out even to the covert ones. Web page scraping entails the collection of information from intended websites and saves the data in an innovative database to facilitate trouble-free filtering and categorization the data. The web scraping bot is designed in such a way that it gathers the required information; converts the unstructured data into a structured format, saves them data by assembling them in a proper way for future usage. The output data can be saved in any database, spreadsheet, text file or any other required format.

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