Ways to apply for keyword search approach in SEO and PPC Campaign

  • 20/06/2019

Whether you are doing a PPC campaign plan or an SEO campaign plan, knowing how to do core competitive keywords search the right way will save you a lot of money. Core competitive keywords are the core keywords for your products or services that you and all your competitors want to appear on page one when someone types them in.

Some campaigns rely almost purely on the core competitive keywords which is a shame. These keywords cost more money for PPC clicks and are less realistic to achieve high rankings on the natural listings. This is not the only issue; the core competitive keywords can often be used by people who are purely in the research phrase.

1. Examples of core competitive keywords and long-tail keywords
Take for example, if you are going on holidays and you wish to rent a villa in France. However, it is the first time you have been to France so you are in the research phase. More than likely you will type in villa rental France or rent villa France. Then you will gather information on the prices of villas and also some of the different regions as you browse through a variety of websites. These are core competitive keywords.

Depending on the person, this process can go on for days, weeks and even months in the case of a holiday decision. Closer to the buying stage you will no longer type in villa rental France or rent villa France, but instead something like 3 bed villa Dordogne France (region) or even more specific like drilling down in the name of the town so 3 bed villa Bergerac France. These are long-tail keywords.

2. How To Apply The Approach To Your PPC Campaign?
If you are assessing your PPC campaign plan you will have an allocated daily budget. Often advertisers' budgets can be drained off with core competitive keywords leaving little over for the long-tail keywords which are the ones often used in the buying phase.

Whether you are just beginning your PPC campaign plan or re-assessing the performance you can take one simple step to control your core competitive keywords. Move them aside into a separate campaign within your PPC account, allocating a smaller budget to them. This means you will still have them included however they cannot drain your budget which can be available for long-tail keywords which have a higher chance of converting.

3. How To Apply The Approach To Your SEO Campaign?
If it is an SEO campaign that you are developing, you will not be spending money on clicks but you will either be investing money with an agency or in-house, or have the investment of your own time. Core competitive keywords have a far lower chance of getting high ranks on the search engines unless you are in a low competition industry.

For your SEO campaign, plan and develop a list of profitable long-tail keywords first and work on these immediately. The core competitive keywords will be optimised as part of the keyword family tree if your SEO campaign plan is designed effectively. The keyword family tree is developed growing off from the core competitive keywords. Write them on a piece of paper, and then put the long-tail keywords as children and grandchildren etc.

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