Web crawling services will get you these three crucial-for-survival data sets

  • 13/10/2017

In today’s world, data is the fuel to growth for almost all companies operating in various spaces of business and commerce. Today, gaining access to insightful data has become more essential than ever. Ever since the advent of internet and the world wide web, and with the recent mobile connectivity on a rampant expansion, the world is getting closer and uniform one byte at a time. Trade and business has expanded beyond geographies and beyond land, water and air – it is on the internet. The good and the bad news is that the world has become more abundant of resources but at the same time, every organization is on a single common pedestal – the internet. The internet has provided for a level playing field which is quite a boon to the successful but not so much to the incumbents in the space.

Now, understanding and acting upon active data has become more of a survival essential rather than just a growth tool. Imagine running a business in a common marketplace with thousands of other vendors selling exactly the same product or service as you – how do you up your game? How do you stay ahead? How do you be on top of your business acceleration story? You would obviously need to keep a close eye on your peers and continuously step up on your sale strategy. How is it even humanly possible to this if the marketplace was something as huge as the internet and your closest competitor is selling from across continents? Data is supposedly the only answer to this dilemma.

Thanks to the avid adoption of network technology, the data stream is flush with millions of trillions of gigabytes or perhaps even more. The challenge has become only tougher. You will now have to cut through the chaos, eliminate the noise and extract pure music. In simple terms, from all the available data, you will need to extract only the ones relevant to your decision making and growth strategies.

This is where web scraping and web crawling services enter as a hero. The entire role of a web scraping or web crawling or data extraction service is to run through the millions of webpages and scrape through all content only to fetch the data points that are relevant to your business and articulate it into an understandable and insightful format.

Here are the top three data families – the three top talks you should be intent on listening to while signing up for web scraping and web crawling services.

1.    Folk Talks

Your customers are your brand ambassadors. Customers or the lack of it can make or break a business. It is essential to listen to your customers’ opinions, suggestions and feedbacks to identify your strengths which you need to maintain and continue scaling and also to view your weaknesses and shortcomings to work on and convert them into your strengths.

Scraping customer feedback is not limited only to the feedbacks for your product or service. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to look at what people have to say about your peers just so that you get a prelude into what your customers like or not and what are they expecting? Sometimes, it is not bad to learn from others’ mistakes. In fact, the best businesses learn from their mistakes and great businesses learn from others’ mistakes.

2.    Media Talks

The media talks – in fact, a lot. Press releases and other coverages highlight almost every new development made by your business peers. Web scraping and crawling these data sets would help you jump the queue and analyze actionable insights.

Being well-informed about your space is key to business survival. Why not leverage media efforts to up your business game?

3.    Hiring Talks

Companies hire in line with the bigger organizational goals. The ‘hiring’ section of your peers is enough insight into their roadmap if you look at it with a keen eye. In case a company wishes to expand its product offerings into a slightly deviated complementary product, it would always be on the lookout for talented resources with relevant academic and professional background.

BotScraper offers affordable and efficient web scraping and web crawling services to help you stay on top of our game.

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