Web data extractor makes data extraction a piece of cake

  • 29/06/2021

Modern businesses depend on data to function. For this reason, extracting information from the Internet is increasingly important for companies. However, if the source of the information is unstructured, extracting the data you need can be very difficult. For example, you may need to extract information from the body of incoming emails, which do not have a predetermined structure. Using traditional methods, web scraping may require the creation of custom processing and filtering algorithms for each site. You may also need additional scripts or additional tools to integrate the extracted information with the rest of your IT infrastructure.


Your employees are busy and don't have time to handle web scraping and data scraping. Any company that handles a large volume of information needs a comprehensive automation tool i.e. web data extractor to bridge the gap between unstructured data and business applications.


The most possible purposes of web extraction can be the automation of tasks such as: reservation of products or web services, aggregation of banking information, initiation of payments, verification of Web services...



At BotScraper, using a reliable and high-end web data extractor, we help you by collecting the data you need and making it available to you in an orderly manner. We can provide them in a report or, if you prefer, we can develop software that allows you to exploit and analyze them according to your requirements.

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