Web Data Scraping Services – Definition, Mechanism, and Examples

  • 11/06/2021

What is Web Scraping?

This is when the term Web Scraping takes on relevance since it allows taking advantage of the large amounts of information without typing a single word, as it is a technique to extract information through software programs that simulate human navigation. Through search algorithms, hundreds of websites can be crawled to extract only the information that is needed.

To design and create a Web Scraping, it is necessary to have knowledge of web layout, which implies knowing HTML at a medium-advanced level; as well as having knowledge of algorithms and software to visualize large amounts of data, such as Google Spreadsheets.

In short, web data scraping services allow you to manage large amounts of information (Big Data), in a simple and fast way. What could take us a few hours of work manually, our Web Scraping can be done in just a couple of minutes.

How does Web Scraping work?

The key point of Web data scraping services is to know what it takes to program it. For example, if our goal is to get from the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by JK Rowling, the titles of its chapters, it would be necessary to tell our Scraping to search all the page. Also, when it comes across a text that start with the text "Chapter" extract it from each page of the book, thanks to which we could obtain all these texts very quickly without having to go through page by page.

Some examples of where Web Scraping is done:

  • In content marketing: 

    Thanks to this technique, you can get specific data from a page and make use of it to generate your own content.
  • In social networks: 

    To generate visibility in these, you can use Web Scraping to use the data and be able to create a bot and later schedule comments or actions.
  • In business and communication: 

    Through web data scraping services, you can help improve the positioning of personal websites and blogs by automating your position.

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