Web Scraper - A standalone Chrome extension

  • 23/06/2021

Web Scraping has been widely used in various fields, such as news portals, blogs, forums, e-commerce websites, social media, real estate, financial reporting, and the purposes of the web scraper are also diverse, including online comparison of pricing, website change detection, web data integration, weather data monitoring, research, etc.


Chrome has an extension called Web Page Scraper, its function, as already mentioned before, is to extract information from websites.

Using this tool, you can create sitemaps that will navigate the site and extract the data. By using different types of selectors, the Web Scraper will navigate the site and extract multiple types of data: text, tables, images, links, and more.

Unlike other tools that extract data from HTML only, Web Page Scraper can also extract data loaded or dynamically generated with JavaScript. Web Scraper can:

  • Wait for dynamic data to load on the page.
  • Clicking on the pagination buttons that load data via AJAX.
  • Click on the buttons to load more data.
  • Scroll down the page to load more data.

The Web Scraper is a standalone Chrome extension. Construction of the sitemap, data extraction and export is done in the browser. After scratching your site, you can download the data in CSV format. For advanced use cases, you may want to try saving the data to CouchDB.

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