Web Scraping Web Crawling – How Web Crawling Works Exactly?

  • 29/05/2020

Website crawler is fundamentally an automated software program, which crawls each and every page of a website and handpicks specific amount of data from it. That data is subsequently hived away in an extensive database. This process is called indexing. When a user is in search of any specific search term or keyword, the search engines fit those keywords in their database and deliver the results accordingly. Therefore, it is easy to realize that web crawling is the first and foremost element of any search engine process.

The process of web scraping web crawling is very easy. The crawler or the spider of any specific engine visits the website and handpicks the title, meta-keywords and meta-description of the website. This data is subsequently hived away in the database of the engine. As a result, the keyword, title and descriptions are so delighted that they are very convenient for the appearance of engines to get a hold of when it comes to delivering the results. Finally, when a user types any search term in the search box of an engine, the search engine matches the search term in the listing of its list. Depending on the matches, it then delivers an array of more relevant results.

The rate and occurrence of web scraping web crawling differ from search engine to search engine. Some of the engines visit the site on a recurring rate, subsequent to every two or three days. Also, some search-engines may consume a longer time to crawl and index a site. In the meantime, it is not essentially a web crawler that will crawl the entire pages of a website during its visit. It may crawl only a handful of pages depending on the time. With a view to enhancing the frequency of crawling and letting the crawlers index as several pages as feasible, the recommendation is to plan the site in a search engine friendly fashion. This will also deliver results in improved search engine rankings.

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