What Are The Problems With The Web Scraping Solution

  • 02/12/2022

What Are The Problems With The Web Scraping Solution

The demand for extensive web scraping has substantially risen along with the growth of big data. Considering the same, automatic web scraping has attracted a lot of attention owing to the strain of manual web scraping. Web scraping has an array of advantages, and it revolves around many business solutions. Nevertheless, just like two sides to a coin, it has its own share of disadvantages. Let's hear some of the most prevalent drawbacks of web scraping.

Bot Prohibition

This is one of the most common drawbacks in the process of web scraping. A majority of web scrapers would employ a bot to extract data from websites. However, website owners have comprehensive authority over the entry of bots on their web pages.

If a website wills, it can conveniently prohibit bots from its web pages. Such a situation eliminates the possibility of generating bot scraper leads. In such a situation, the only way out is to request access from the website owners with a valid exclamation for using their data or simply look for a substitute that provides identical data.

Honeypot Booby Traps

The usage of a bot to extract data from websites is controlled by honeypot traps by the webpage owners when they aren't delighted about sharing their information. That is when they lay booby traps on their web pages. These traps are used to get a hold of web scraping services companies.

These are in the form of links that aren't normally visible. However, scrapers identify them. These are used to access invaders' information and block them. Such traps can also be laid through buttons to camouflage.

Decoding CAPTCHA

Another headache for data scraping services is CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. CAPTCHA is essentially a digital way to identify a distinction between a human and a robot. These tests are logical tasks consisting of images or text-based puzzles.

Web pages deploy these tests to ensure there is no bot access on their websites through web scraping services USA. However, there are better exceptions, like BotScraper. To tackle such a situation on a larger scale and gain more and more bot scraper leads, tech heads have developed many CAPTCHA decoding techniques for bots. However, such a process is time-consuming and eventually slows the process of web scraping.

Login Requirements

Today, data scraping services are very likely to face login requests on websites. The primary reason for this is data collection. Once the web pages articulate the login details, they equip them with cookie values for all your actions.

This enables the websites to identify the users on an incident of multiple logins or activity. To save cookies and make the task of logging easier to generate bot scraper leads, many web scraping services USA like BotScraper, provide exceptional services.

The Real-Time Factor

If there is a challenge that data scraping companies assuredly face at some other point in time, it's real-time data scraping. There are multiple elements that need real-time tracking. These include prices across categories, be it products, services, or investments, like the stock market.

There is inventory management, and there's news scraping. The list goes on, but the problem remains the same. Hassle to deploy a bot to extract data from websites in real time. Nevertheless, advanced web scraping services USA has successfully developed technologies to monitor web pages in real time and with minimal effort. Such bot scraper leads allow efficient extraction of data.

Blocked IPs

Out of so many methods to keep parsers from data scraping companies out of a web page, blocking their IP addresses is the most straightforward one. However, it isn't witnessed to happen very often. The reason why web page owners block the attempts from the bot to extract data from websites is when numerous requests are clearly visible from one particular IP address. It could also occur in case a bot sends multiple simultaneous requests.

There are several ways in which an IP address can be blocked. There can be restricted access or a complete blockage of the bots who try to access these web pages. Website owners can also restrict access to their pages from a particular location. That is the process of geolocation IP blocking. If there is massive traction from a specific location, then the behavior can be mapped, and the incoming IP address of the specified area can be blocked.

Web Page Structures

Web scraping services companies come across many web scraping challenges, and one such hindrance is the structure of web pages. Websites are developed on HTML, and each web designer has a unique idea of developing websites based on their requirements and expertise. In comparison, the scrapers employ a bot to extract data from websites.

These bots are created to meet specific design parameters, which will not be the same once a website adopts updates and changes. And considering the market conditions, websites are frequently updated, which leads to data loss. Some of the most web scraping services USA, however, design smart parsers that tend to identify distinct codes and navigate human behavior.

Website Speed

Websites can be poorly built. These are some of the instances when a web page will not load in time or not load at all. In such a situation, if you have a bot to extract data from websites, there might be some problems. A slow response from the websites may not be comprehended by the parsers, and the process of information might be adversely affected.

At times, the reason for a slow speed might also be an outcome of simultaneous requests by web scrapers. There are solutions designed to ensure multiple attempts by the scrapers provided by services like BotScraper. However, some scrapers comprehensively fail to identify the wait time, and the resources are wasted with no results whatsoever.


These are a few of the problems faced in every aspect of web scraping. In order to minimize the impact of these and find exclusive solutions for your web scraping projects, choose an ideal bot to extract data from websites from a few of the most robust web scraping services USA like BotScraper. We would be happy to help you out! Contact us today!

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