What can you do with the scraped data from social networks?

  • 24/04/2020

The data extracted from social networks is undoubtedly the largest and most dynamic dataset on human behavior. It offers new opportunities for social scientists and business experts to understand individuals, groups, and society, as well as to explore the great richness hidden in the data.


Social Network Analysis: A survey of techniques, tools, and platforms notes that the first to adopt social network data analysis businesses are typical companies in the retail and financial industries. who applied social media analytics to take advantage of brand awareness, improved customer service, and marketing strategies and even fraud detection.

In addition to the applications mentioned above, today the social media dataset can also be applied to:

·         Measurement of customer sentiment

After collecting customer feedback from social media channels, you can analyze the customer's attitude towards a particular item or product by measuring its tone, context, and feelings .Tracking customer sentiment enables you to understand overall customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and your intent to participate. Provides information for your current and future marketing campaigns.

·         Target market segmentation

"A target market is a group of customers (individuals, households or organizations), organize and target these customers to design, implement and maintain a marketing mix that meets this set of needs and preferences," as defined on Wikipedia. Obtaining and analyzing the data set from social networks allows you to know to whom and when to market your products or services .Identifying more specific markets helps you maximize your return on marketing investment.

·         Online brand monitoring

Online brand monitoring is not only listening to the voice of your customers, but also knowing what your competitors, the press and even the KOL industry are saying. It's not just about your product or service, but also about your customer servicessales process, social engagement, and every point of contact where customers interact with your brand.

·         Identify market trends

Identifying market trends is critical to fine-tuning your trading strategy to keep your business in sync with the changing direction of the industry. With the help of big data automation tools, market trend analysis compares industry data over a specific period of time by tracking industry influencers and comments posted on social media


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