What is scraping and what is it used for?

  • 13/06/2021

The scraping is a computer technique that is used to extract data from any website in an automated fashion. That is, we extract the database, the web information through a program. The exact translation of scraping is scraping.


Copying data from a web page and pasting it into an excel database would be considered data extraction. If, instead of doing it manually, we resort to robots or bots that automate all the work, we will be talking about web scraping.


Web scraping applications

We are going to need web scraping for:


Content marketing

We can design a robot that scrap data from website and we can use it to generate our own content.


Gain visibility on social media

We could use the data from a scrape to interact through a robot with users on social networks .


Control the image and visibility of our brand on the internet

As you scrap data from website, we can automate the position by which various articles on our website are positioned in Google or, for example, control the presence of our brand name in certain forums .


Competition monitoring

Price is not the only competitive variable in the digital environment. We can control, track and generate alerts to know when competitors update their product or service catalogs, renew their website, write about a specific topic, mention our products, among others.


Trend hunting or cool hunting

The hunt for trends. It consists of using scraping not only to know what is thought of a brand, but also about which brands, products, persons they are going to be talking about in the coming months, to take advantage of marketing opportunities.


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