What you need to know about web data extraction tool?

  • 10/02/2020

What is Data Extraction Tool?

Web Content Extraction is the process or solution that allows you to handle web content without using any help or man power. It was designed for those who wish to use manually copy & paste data functionality for web content extraction. Extract Web Content will allow users to extract the target content from various webpages of the targeted on the Internet. Extract Web Content Service allows you to export the extracted content into EXCEL, My-SQL, MS-SQL, CSV, XML or TEXT format.

Web Content Extraction is done by creating programme or script written in any programming language that processes the unstructured or semi-structured web content of a targeted website to extract content or data for converting unstructured content into structured records or format. Content extraction scripts and applications will simulate a person viewing a web site with a browser. With the help of extract web content, you can connect a website's web pages and request a web content or a pages, exactly as a your browser would do. The web server will send back the HTML web page, which you can subsequently extract particular web content from that web pages.

Automated web data extraction

Extract web content can be utilized to extract product descriptions, product contents, product prices, online shopping data, product titles, recent press releases, recent news, company fax number, company phone numbers, stock quotations, company address addresses, and more.

Automated web data extraction can gather content or data from online business directories, online product stores, all e-commerce websites, job postings websites, financial sites, online product shopping sites, search engine results, anything you can imagine that is out on the World of internet.

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