Why Use Web Scraping Tools?

  • 16/06/2021

A web page scraper is specifically developed to extract information from websites. They are also known as web collection tools or web data extraction tools. These tools are useful for anyone trying to collect some kind of data from the internet. Web Scraping is a data entry technique that does not require repetitive writing or pasting and copying.

A web page scraper searches for new data manually or automatically, retrieving the new or updated data and storing it for easy access. For example, one can collect information about products and their prices from Amazon using a scraping tool. In this post, we list the web scraping tools use cases and top 10 web scraping tools for gathering information, without coding.

Web Scraping tools can be used for unlimited purposes in various scenarios, but we are going to use some common use cases that are applicable to general users.

1. Collect data for market research

A Web Scraper can help you obtain information from multiple vendors in your market sector, and consolidate it in one place for easy reference and analysis.

2. Extract contact information

These tools can also be used to extract data such as emails and phone numbers from various websites, making it possible to have a list of vendors, industries, and other people of interest to your business.

4. Search for jobs or candidates

For staff who are actively looking for more candidates to join their team, or for job seekers looking for a particular role or vacancy, these tools also work great for effortlessly fetching data based on different applied filters, and for recover effective data without manual searches

5. Track prices from multiple markets

If you are into online shopping and you love to actively track the prices of the products you are looking for in multiple online stores and markets, then you definitely need a web page scraper.

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