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BotScraper’s web scraping services blends unique technology and excellent technique to dig deep into the internet to find every bit of data and convert it into meaningful information to help you decide the growth of your business. Our website scraping services are unique, reliable and affordable and quick as compare to others web scraping. Hire us to get 100% risk free, fast & accurate data extraction, web scraping services customized to your business needs.

Our Services

web scraping service lead generation data from botscraper Lead-Generation

Know where your prospective customers browse? Let us know and we shall generate just the set of data you need to build a high-conversion campaign

web scraping service price and competitive data from botscraper Competitive & Pricing Data

Why snoop around when you can get an entire log of your competitor’s strategy change and movements? We will curate all the crucial information you need to up your game.

web scraping service financial and market data from botscraper Financial & Market Data

Financial news, trends and updates- all at a click. We will build a data-set with pin-point accuracy for you to understand the money games being played.

web scraping service distribution chain monitoring from botscraper Distribution Monitoring

Track the promotion and sales of your product at a distributor level. Get to know why and how is your product performing the way it is.

web scraping service news and content aggregation from botscraper Content Aggregation

Create new feeds by quickly extracting and augmenting data from niche sources. What’s better than aggregating fragments of data into a piece of information and then rolling it out!

search engine scraper service from botscraper SERP Scraping

Are you lost on what keywords will work best for you? Let BotScraper do the hard work while you get your search results rank higher.

How does it work?

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