Competitive Pricing Data

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Competitive Pricing Data

What is competitive pricing data all about?

With the market being flush with product and service providers and customers having equally easy access to multiple providers, predatory pricing strategy has become a common phenomena in the industry where prices are slashed deep to acquire market share. Competitive pricing data is all about getting information about pricing strategies implemented by your industry peers.

Why does a business need competitive pricing data?

A key way to win a customer’s heart is by winning his pocket. While everyone in the industry tries to bid at a lower price tag, it is essential to stay on top of the pricing game by being informed about even what your most distant competitor is pitching. Competitive pricing data helps offer an insight into what your competitors are bidding and lets you reset and adjust your pricing strategy lower than the others but higher than your break-even point – right at the sweet spot.

The BotScraper Edge

  • Comprehensive data fetching
  • Domain understanding ensures that only relevant data is populated
  • Quick turnaround time for agile decision-making
  • Cost-effective. The benefit outweighs the price
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