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Lead Generation

What is lead generation all about?

Lead generation is among the most crucial steps in a business acquisition cycle. Irrespective of what business you are into, lead generation is of paramount importance. While you can pursue website scraping, data extraction and web crawling, efficiency becomes the question looming largest. A lead is essentially a target prospect who may have an inherent need to avail your product or service. The process for a sale starts with lead generation wherein you first create a list of potential customers who may need your product or service and then try to appease the target with product information, offers and other incentives to avail your product/service.

Why does a business need lead generation services?

As competition intensity increases, the quest for customer acquisition has gone up to an entirely new level. With businesses ruthlessly trying to capture market share by cannibalizing competitor customer base, businesses also seek to adopt a blue ocean-alike strategy wherein new prospects are targeted and acquired. Lead generation helps in identifying not only these segment of new prospects but also existing customers for the same set of products & service. The BotScraper Edge

  • Get effective leads which contribute to higher conversion rates
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Internet is the limit- Botscraper generates leads by scraping through the span and breadth of internet
  • Relevant lead generation. No more junk leads.
  • Generate leads in required formats. Will help you align it with other enterprise software.
  • Cost-effective. The benefit outweighs the price
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