Plans and Pricing

Our Pricing

We have four packages with surprisingly reasonable pricing structures. These packages are based on the frequency at which you need your data delivered.

Free Plan

100 Records


per month*

Single Shot

One Time

100 - 299




40 - 299

per month*



90 - 499

per month*

(*Though the crude term is “price”; we at Botscraper believe that the amounts are an investment into building your success)

The above packages are best suited to businesses and individuals who are seeking web scraping and data-extraction services on a one-time project basis as well as on a periodic basis. While the frequency is relative to the scale and agility a business requires, this package serves best for individuals/businesses seeking one-time insights and the recommended frequency packages ensures that you are well-equipped at all points in time.

All packages include the following coverage; however, the frequency of availing these services and support depends on the frequency package you choose:

Web Scraping, Web Crawling & Data Automation
Web scraping and crawling is performed for the seeking entity. This includes automating a single set of data feeds which can be helpful in drawing business insights.

Data Extraction Report
Once the data is extracted, it is supplemented with reports about the process, findings and inferences. The frequency will be in line with the package selected.

Automated list page and pagination extraction
List page and pagination extraction services are executed using sophisticated Botscraper technology

Deduplication and normalization
Deduplication is a process to eliminate redundancy, further complemented by normalization ensures the data is transformed into consumable information.

Deep and Incremental Crawling
Crawling is done at unprecedented depths and the same is performed at an incremental pace so as to assure maximum coverage.

Schedule Extraction
We understand that different entities need their data served at different points in time. With Botscraper you can schedule your data extraction. This is not available for one-time users.

Multiple Format Data Feed
Outputs will be available in all popular analytical formats including .XML, .XLS, .CSV and.JSON.

24x7 Online Support
In case of any queries, do not worry. We at Botscraper are committed to providing round-the-clock online support to help you grow.

24x7 Support against html structure change
While in most cases an html structure change ensues disruption of web crawling and web extraction services, we at Botscraper ensure that you are supported and guarded 24x7 against these changes without any disruptions

Proxy against blocking
Botscraper supports your web extraction and crawling experience by supporting proxy against specific blocking. This ensures nothing stops your extraction process.

Captcha Solving
While many websites have Captcha’s to fend away unwanted data scraping and extraction, sophisticated Botscraper technology ensures all captcha is solved and such roadblocks to insightful data is mitigated.

Javascript/AJAX Support
Botscraper ensures that all processes are Javascript and AJAX compliant. We keep you data-ready at all times.

Security Support
Botscraper’s superior technology ensures high-grade security for all your crawling and extraction ventures. Strike off security from your list of concerns.

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