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About Us

In today’s time, while the whole world is drowning in data, only the ones who manage to fish out information stays ahead of the game.
Be it a small firm or a large corporate, the key to growing traction lies in the most open but impenetrable internet.
For most, the internet is limited to search engines and social media. However, it is important to realize the full potential of the otherwise junk data that’s loaded onto the virtual network.
BotScraper is an ambitious young enterprise with the aim to revolutionize the way business consumes the trillion-ton data floating on the web ocean.
We, the team at BotScraper, strive to deliver competitor strategy monitoring, deep web scraping and crawling services in the most cost-effective manner.
Being a next-gen enterprise, incepted in 2016, BotScraper is working towards being India’s largest software development solutions company.

We Offer

We excel in a host of services ranging from web scraping to integration solutions and deliver nothing but excellence. Most of it can be accredited to our batch of geeks who can turn around codes and algorithms faster than dough in an Italian’s hand. While the tech-team does its best, we have state-of-the-art technology to enhance the output.
We promise to deliver excellent output for all services listed here.
• Web Scraping
• Web Crawling
• Data Scraping
• Web Data Extraction
Real time web api scraping
• XML and API Integration Solutions

We Create

In addition to our range of efficient and effective range of services, we also offer products which is sure to give your business the extra edge.
Our Products have been fully tested for excellent quality and utility. The products available include:
• Lead Extractor Software
• Price Comparison Tool
• SERP Software
While these products are already ready for dispatch, our team is constantly innovating on products and would be more than glad to accommodate a personalized request.

We Deliver

We believe in providing the client with whatever they need in the most ready and comfortable format. We, at BotScraper, understand the needs and requirements of every client is specific and work towards client satisfaction with an individual approach.
A client can choose from a wide array of options for thee format (CSV, XML, JSON, Excel, MySQL, SQL Server) as well as the frequency of data (one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually).
Our flexibility is to the degree of our client’s requirement.

We Serve

A large range of businesses- a budding one-man firm to a large corporate can benefit from our product and service offerings. It is a no-brainer to understand the importance of tools which will dig up deep data, statistics and incumbent strategic motions.
We are currently serving clients spread across multiple sectors with meaningfully correlation. This implies that BotScraper is a future-proof enterprise which has been widely accepted as a facilitator of growth. The top sectors benefitting from our services include: Online Stores, Retailers, Tyre Manufacturers and Resellers, Oil & Gas Companies, Wine Retailers, Job Listing Portals, Sports Clubs, Travel Portals, and many more.
We are here to grow and your success defines our growth.

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