Financial & Market Data

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Financial & Market Data

What is financial & market data all about?

Financial & market data is among the most dynamic sets of data in the industry today. Be it stock prices or government security yields, it changes within seconds. Finance being the lifeblood of business, requires timely updates for timely decision making.

Why does a business need financial & market data

Irrespective of your business segment you need to be on top of the money games. Whether it be for an investment opportunity that you seek or to stay abreast of financial happenings, financial and market data needs to be scraped and crawled just in time for your ready reference. Such timely data helps a business manager take sound financial decisions

The BotScraper Edge

  • Timely updates and refresh
  • Fetches only the data you need
  • Can be customised for specific needs
  • Available in multiple formats for ready reference
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