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Advanced Lead Extractor Software

The BotScraper Lead Extractor is a utility tool for businesses which allows you to find the business leads such as business name, address, email, website, phone number, etc.

The BotScraper Lead Extractor welcomes you to a new world of intelligent technology. While the rest of the world is busy drilling a hole in their pockets for sub-quality leads, we at BotScraper understand the value you seek and respect your business. We believe in delivering nothing but excellence.

Getting high-quality and targeted business leads at reasonable prices along with the ease of a few clicks may seem dream-like; however, BotScraper’s Lead Extractor is here to transform your dream into a reality. The BotScraper Lead Extractor is a cutting-edge software built to precision with a unique blend of computing intelligence and sophisticated technology.

This software requires you to only make a few taps and clicks to enter target keywords and location only to present you a cartful of high-quality and relevant business leads. Also, the story doesn’t just end at fetching data, BotScraper continues to provide support and facilitates customization to make the data consumption-ready.

The striking and shiny features of the all new BotScraper Lead Extractor will leave you dazzled by the simple yet robust functionality. The below smart-six features will blow your mind.


Intelli-save is a unique feature offered by BotScraper’s Lead Extractor to ensure all your processes are seamless. The intelli-save function saves all your lead extracts at specified time intervals so that you don’t lose your data to something as petty as power outage.

Smart Filter

Where every service provider right from Amazon to Flipkart is providing an option to filter out unwanted data, BotScraper understands that you expect the same value from other software as well. The smart filter enables you to smartly filter out unwanted data points and run functions to skip redundant data, remove duplicate records and similar more.


Multi-export, as a feature, lets you decide the format in which you wish to store the data. The formats can range from simple .csv to a much complex .xml and .json format. It’s all about what you want and how do you want it.

Rotating Proxy

The BotScraper Lead Extractor is proxy-ready and will seamlessly integrate with proxy internet connections. We understand that some cases may need this and for us, we believe every case is as important as the rest.

Multi-threading Advantage

Multiple threading ensures that your data is well segmented and that you extract more data for less time and efforts. This feature has been tested to boost performance and extraction speed.

Look no further as the BotScraper Lead Extractor is here to make high-quality lead generation faster and simpler than ever.

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